Your Pre-registration Questions Answered

2017-12-21 23:02:15

Greetings everyone! Thanks all for your warm support and welcome of our Arena of Valor! Here are some answers related to the pre-registration and redemption codes.

1) Where is my pre-registration rewards?

Pre-registration redemption codes were included in your confirmation email at sign-up. Check your inboxes!

2) What if I lost my redemption codes or I didn’t receive the email?

If you lost the email, don't worry, we will re-send the redemption codes through emails by this week and be sure to check that out!

If you didn’t receive the email or the coming email, please contact customer service through game->setting-> and then turn into Customer Support! Once you finish that, you are in safe hands, just wait for 3 days to collect these amazing rewards!

3) What are the rewards for pre-registration?

We prepared quite a deal of rewards for lucky early birds! Limited Ormarr skin when you finish pre-registration; gems and many other valuable cards will be given too. As an additional reward for the previous North America delay, NA pre-registered players will also receive fright circus Magna Skin!


If you invited 5 friends to finish pre-registration with your invitation code through official website, Level 3 Arcana chest will be given with the follow-up email in the next 5 days!

4) I have the reward code, how can I redeem it?

a) Tap the gift box icon to enter the Events & Announcement section

b) Tap the Announcements tab

c) Select the Redemption Code Center and tap Go

d) Enter the redemption code and tap the redeem here button to redeem your redemption code reward!

e) Once you finished all that, please make sure to check all fabulous rewards in-game mails!!

5) The code is invalid or can’t find the redemption code center.

Please note the redemption code is valid in USA/Canada server only. Currently the function is not available in Latin America server.