We are here! Arena of Valor in NA&SA Now!

2017-12-19 00:00:00

Greetings everyone!


You may have seen in our previous email that Arena of Valor is coming to North America and South America by Christmas! Now we are so excited and happy to let you know that Arena of Valor has come to both North American and South America today! There will be separate servers for each. You can download the game through App Store and Google Play.


We remember that you signed up to play this game a long time ago, waiting for the day that we can all play Arena of Valor together. We also remember that we would give you prizes for doing so! If you don’t remember what they are, check them out: Limited Ormarr skin when you finish pre-registration; Level 3 Arcana chest will be given when you invite 5 friends to finish pre-registration; gems and many other valuable cards will be given too.


Since all of us also love MOBAs and eSports, we hope to make Arena of Valor the standard for mobile MOBAs and eSports around the world, and we will continue to do this through our dedication to fair and fun gameplay. Our game finally becoming available for all of our fans in North and South America will further bring our love of MOBAs and eSports and desire to share this all with you in the right direction. We want to create the best eSports platform for all of you who are willing to dive into the battlefield, train up, and become the best at this game. Our continued support of international tournaments (such as Asia International Championships) and elite eSports franchises (Team Liquid, SK Gaming, etc.) only further show our dedication to all of you and to the MOBA scene! We want to create the best eSports atmosphere for all of you.


Since Arena of Valor has already been out in Europe for a while now, we have learned even more about making this game more fun for all of you, so we’re continuing to work on some of the following:

  • Lowering the barrier to entry by making more heroes easier to obtain.
  • More frequent and meaningful balance updates to heroes, equipment and the battlefield.
  • Push to further improve gameplay behavior (reduce the number of AFKers and disconnects) to ensure everyone can enjoy the spirit of competition in a fair environment!


See you on the battlefield!



Arena of Valor Team