Wonder Women Skills Analysis

2018-01-19 16:28:45

Hello, AoV faithful. This time we’ll be looking over the abilities of DC’s Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman plays as a melee Warrior and trends toward control, though she certainly has her share of damage capabilities. Now, we know what you’re thinking: Is Wonder Woman as powerful in Arena of Valor as she is in the comics? Let’s discuss her abilities in the words ahead and you can decide for yourself.




  [Ability Introduction]




  Passive: Amazon Shield


Wonder Woman’s shield provides more than just defense: it also acts as a long-range projectile on every third normal attack. When connecting with an enemy, it recovers HP, allowing Wonder Woman to remain in the fight longer than other heroes. When not engaged in battle, she can stand in place and use her normal attack to set up her long-range shield attack. This can come in handy when attacking approaching minions, as the shield will pass through enemies and hit everything along its path.


  First Ability: Sword & Shield


Wonder Woman’s first ability damages enemies and inflicts a significant slowdown effect. The ability's damage is split into two stages. First our heroine dashes forward and bashes the enemy with her shield. Using the same ability shortly afterward triggers the second stage, which causes Diana to lunge ahead with her sword, dealing double damage to enemies stung by the center of the blade. Since Wonder Woman’s abilities can be tough to master, it’s probably best for you and your team if you practice with Wonder Woman in a 1v1 bot match to ensure you can make the most of her before heading online. Seriously, don’t be a newb. Nobody likes a newb.


  Second Ability: Lasso of Truth


The Lasso of Truth provides some mobility and inflicts a temporary stun effect. It can be great for team fights when attempting to get the upper hand. If an enemy is at 50% HP or less, Wonder Woman will use her lasso to pull the enemy toward her, which is great for breaking up an enemy team and creating confusion within their ranks. Oppositely, if an enemy has more than 50% HP, the ability will pull Wonder Woman toward the enemy. While this may sound dangerous at first, it can actually make for a quick retreat. If you’re being chased by an enemy player, simply target a monster in the jungle and pull yourself to safety. You can even pull yourself over obstacles on the battlefield, putting a barrier between you and your opponent. Crazy, right?




  Third Ability: Bracelets of Submission


Bracelets of Submission is extremely versatile: not only does it deal a large amount of damage, it also provides protection to allies at the rear, increases Wonder Woman’s Movement Speed by 80% for a short time, and grants an extreme amount of damage reduction. If your team would like to pass by a Tower and gank some enemy heroes who are using the Tower as protection, have an initiator enter the Tower’s zone first to draw its defenses. Then use Wonder Woman’s ultimate to control the enemy and provide a shield for teammates. Under these conditions, the risk of crossing a Tower is almost zero. Wonder Woman’s ultimate can also be activated just before receiving lethal damage as a final push for survival.


Wonder Woman is best utilized as a mild support character who controls and attacks enemies at the right opportunities. While the learning curve to perfecting her may be high, when used properly Wonder Woman can negate a mountain of team damage while leading her attack, propelling the team to victory.


So whaddya think? Does Wonder Woman have a place in Arena of Valor…? Of course she does! In fact, we’d say she feels right at home.