New Version Countdown:1 day-Balance Changes Incoming

2018-05-15 10:55:56

Strengthening of Traditional Middle Lane Mages

In the current version, traditional Mages seem very weak against high-mobility Mages like Tulen, Liliana and The Flash. As they have lower mobility, they are slower in supporting their teammates, and vulnerable when ambushed by the enemy. We hope that by adjusting their ability cooldown and ability storage structure, they will be able to match up to the other Mages again.



Adjustments to Critical Chance Equipment


Marksman is a class that relies on leveling, and therefore has a longer leveling cycle. If a Marksman wants to have critical flow build, they require at least two pieces of critical chance equipment (Claves Sancti and a piece of equipment that increases critical chance) and one piece of piercing equipment (to counter against the high armor of enemy Tanks). Because of this, there is very low tolerance for mistakes when it comes to Marksmen. Any small positioning mistake may lead to the Marksman being killed by an enemy Warrior or Assassin. In this version, we have increased the support that critical chance equipment gives to Marksmen. We hope they will no longer end up at a disadvantage due to issues with their equipment.





We're trying to provide Diaochan with more scope for ability exchanges and confrontation when going up against high-mobility heroes by giving her another chance to cast Diamond Dust. At the same time, to prevent the opponent from losing a chance to counter during the period where they are totally unable to fight back, we have adjusted the duration for which the same target can be frozen within 5 seconds.


We hope that this adjustment will give Diaochan more choices for attack or defense, and give her good performance in different rows while maintaining how easy it is to learn how to use her.





Compared to the other Mages, Mganga has lower range and mobility, but outstanding performance in continuous battle. In the current environment, the range and flying speed of Mganga's Ability 1 limits his ability to face opponents with high mobility. We hope that adjusting the storage structure of Ability 1 will increase its mistake tolerance and burst capacity, thereby giving Mganga better performance in the different tiers.





Whether Kil'Groth's Ability 2 is ready or not greatly affects his strength. During a teamfight, Kil'Groth only needs to rush into battle and cast his Ultimate and Ability 2 to deal heavy damage. He is also difficult to kill. When the effect of Ability 2 ends, his battle strength decreases greatly. We have adjusted the additional damage dealt by the third normal attack and the magic damage dealt when Ability 2 is activated. The increase to the third normal attack will make him stronger when Ability 2 is on cooldown, and the reduction of magic damage will limit his strength when Ability 2 is activated.





Kriknak is an Assassin who uses the mobility of his Ultimate to cut into the back row of the opponent. However, with the current stats, even fully equipping Kriknak with attack equipment is not enough for him to kill the enemy by himself. With this adjustment, we hope to differentiate between Kriknak when he is fully equipped with attack equipment and Kriknak when he is half equipped with tank equipment, giving him better burst capacity when fully equipped with attack equipment.



Heroes Affected by New Game Balance Changes


Strengthened: Taara, Veera, Valhein, Kahlii, Natalya, Krixi, Zill, Jinnar, Slimz, Aleister, Wisp, Azzen'Ka, Astrid, Ilumia

Weakened: Preyta, TeeMee


Adjusted: Alice, Kriknak, Kil'Groth, Skud, Diaochan, Mganga