New Version Coming Soon!

2018-01-09 17:14:31



We are making the finishing touches for our new version.

Arena of Valor will experience some downtime on its official servers in the near future. The specific update time will be announced in advance. Once have the update time finalized, you won't be able to log in during the specified server maintenance times.

In the new version, we have further balanced the heroes, items and the battlefield. Both the event and ranked match interfaces have been improved. The Gold cap system has been optimized: the daily Gold cap has now been changed into a weekly Gold cap. You can earn all of the Gold for that week by playing, even if you miss a few days! We've added additional ways to earn rewards: You can now earn a Gold bonus for battling while equipped with a skin, and we've also added weekly activity rewards. For further customization of your profile, we've added a profile frame system. For those of you on certain widescreen devices, we've added additional compatibility for them including the iPhone X.

We hope this new content will further improve your gameplay experience!


Arena of Valor Team